Get Hired Into The Job/ Internship You Want

The College Job Boot Camp is the premiere, online career training program for undergraduate and graduate students!


The College Job Boot Camp Exists For Three Reasons:

1. Higher Debt With No Job Guarantee: Far too many students are graduating with increasing levels of student debt and without jobs that can afford that debt.

2. The Student To Professional Gap: For decades corporations have argued that colleges aren't producing graduates that are ready to excel in their careers.  This program is the perfect bridge between college life and career aspirations. Its a win-win-win (colleges-students-corporations)!

3. Our System Works!: We're really good at what we do so why not share the knowledge. In fact, this program was created with strategies from some of the best performing students. This is road-tested, not just theory. We have corporate jobs, and used this strategy to get them. That allows our program to get better results than the typical advice given on campus.

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